Yummy, how good do these sound?

I just got a ton of Arby's coupons in the mail. I haven't had Arby's in ages but check out how good these sound:

Loaded Potato Bites: A blend of seasoned potatoes, aged Cheddar cheese, bacon and chives in a crispy coating, served with a Cool Ranch Sour Cream.
Man, why didn't someone come up with that before? Who doesn't love loaded potatoes and fried dipping food? Put them together and bam. And look -- ranch sour cream dipping sauce. My lord those sound good. And look, wouldn't this be great for two people dining together:

Pick 5 Combo: Choose 5 of any of the following items in any combination you wish: Roast Beef sandwich, medium French Fry, medium Curly Fry, small Potato Cake, small Onion Petal, small Popper, any medium Soft Drink, or any small Milk Shake.
For only 5.95 -- two people could totally eat off of that. Well, you might want to add another drink -- but I totally have a coupon to get a drink for 99 cents.

UPDATE: Since so many people seem to be arriving at this post via search engines, I thought I'd give you my "review" of the aforementioned bites. They sucked. Well, they weren't bad -- but not worth the money. They tasted like hashbrowns with WAY too much cheese and grease. Not that greasy fried potatoes with cheese is tortuous to eat -- but they weren't all that great at all. The dipping sauce is also far to overpowering for them. Thumbs down -- great idea, poor execution.


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