Why does everything have to have sugar in it?

Why does everything have sugar in it? Things that don't need sugar are full of sugar. Why? 100% fruit juice costs the same and tastes just as good as sugar-laden fruit juice -- especially orange juice -- plus it's better for you.

I never before realized how much sugar I consumed. I'm turning into one of those crazy people who question the sugar content of everything. My kids are going to hate me for this.

I'm one of those people who likes treats (you can tell by looking at my ass). If I'm in the bookstore, I'll go to the cafe and get myself something to drink. I enjoy things like that -- the fact that they are so calorie-heavy is an honest to god greek tragedy and it's not my fault. Today I was hanging around the bookstore and realized that I was actually really thirsty. So I went to the cafe and asked if such-and-such had sugar -- obviously it did. So I ask about something else -- no go. After about 3 items, I just asked her what she had that didn't have sugar added to it. Nothing. I bought some over-priced water.

So I pretty much can't get treats anywhere unless I make my own. Damn shame. So lately I've been craving a reeses cup -- I know, lame. But consider the fact that for 4 monthes I've been pretty much sugar-free, bread-free, and carbonation-free. Now you look at your diet and tell me how much of that those three things rule out -- I'm entitled to want a reeses. (By-the-way, I'd kill for some skittles and a sprite).

So after my bad day yesterday, I decided I've finally earned it. I got some sugar-free reeses, sugar-free vanilla ice cream and milk... and I made myself a reeses milk-shake. Mmmmmmmm it's so good. No really, this is good. This is awesome. I am in awe.

So here's my question -- why can't some restaurant or something make sugar-free items like this? It tastes excellent, and I tossed in some whey protien so not only is it damn good, it's got 30 grams of protein too. If you had a choice between a reeses shake and a lower-calorie, sugar-free reeses shake with 30 grams of protein, wouldn't you go with the second option?

I need a restaurant -- really I do.


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