A twist of fortune, perhaps?

So I went to interview for the gas station job -- she offered it to me, but they can only pay me 6.50 an hour. Not so hot for a job I really don't want. I wasn't going to turn her down, but she did offer to give me a week to think about it. Awesome. So I'll meet with her a week from today.

Now, this morning I called Barnes & Noble to ask about my application there. The manager said she'd pull my app and give it to the women in charge of hiring. So I figured I'd stop by there on my way home from the interview. I wanted to make sure she found it because I could fill out another if she didn't (you never know what these people do with your application -- especially one that was turned in 2 weeks ago). I waited over an hour to speak with her (no, I have no idea why I actually waited that long -- I really needed to be studying). No, she hadn't had time to find my application yet and she told me that the stack she'd have to search through was huge (I later saw this stack, and let me tell you -- it was huge. The stack of JUST applications was over a foot tall. The applications are only 1 page -- that's a lot of applications. This is apparently why no one can ever gets hired at a bookstore -- the odds are like winning the lottery). So I offered to fill out another -- that way she wouldn't have to bother with looking for it since it was obvious that she was busy. She seemed very relieved at this so I sat down with a new app.

While I was filling it out, she came back and told me that there is a two interview hiring process. The woman who does the hiring is working morning shift tomorrow -- but since she would be my second interview, if I had time we could go ahead and get one of the interviews out of the way today. Awesome! So of course I stayed for that and I think it went well. I have tons of cashier/customer service experience and she loved that I worked for RGIS (an inventory service which happens to inventory B&N -- god I hated that job).

She is going to call the other woman and leave my application for her to look over in the morning and they'll call me tomorrow. So... hopefully I'll get to work at Barnes & Noble! That's about as good a job as I could realistically expect to get. So I'm excited -- I don't want a job at all, but hey if I were to take one, this isn't too painful.


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