Third Day concert with Mom

As I alluded to in previous posts, my mom came for a visit this weekend. The basis of this visit was to see Third Day at Big Spring Jam -- we've been planning on it all summer (actually since they canceled the Huntsville concert back when Wire came out and tried to appease us by mentioning that they'd be at the festival).

My mom has become a huge fan of the band. She listens almost exclusively to their CDs, and she was singing along for the entire concert. She kept telling me the whole night that she just loves them. So cute, isn't it? I got my mom hooked on my favorite band. I even asked her if she wanted to sit (in the grass) or stand (I figured she'd sit since her knee is giving her trouble after her recent knee surgery) -- she looked at me like I was crazy and said we HAD to stand.

So yes, we stood and we sung our hearts out. It was a good concert. I had already decided that I wanted to hear 'Rockstar,' 'I Got A Feeling' and 'Billy Brown.' They knocked out two with the opening -- I Got A Feeling and Rockstar -- great opening. So great that it made me forget for a moment that I was itching like crazy. They continued with Sing A Song & I Believe. During the latter, Mac had everyone pull out their cellphones and hold them up -- now that's a nice effect i'd never seen. There was a huge crowd and the majority pulled out a dazzling array of brightly lit screens to wave in the air. Amazing. Cellphones are the new lighters. After that, it went a bit down for me when they played My Hope Is You. I'm just waiting for that song to die. I mean its a good song... the first few times you hear it. Then you hear it again and again and again and again, and really common. Mac announced it as "one for the old school fans." True, it's one of their very old songs... but I think they've played it at all 12 concerts I've been to in the past few years. No seriously -- every concert. If you had to pick one Third Day song that you think sums them up to be played at every concert -- does it have to be that one? Hell, they didn't even play 'Consuming Fire' last night! Maybe I should just try to view that song as a Third Day cliche -- something I'm just going to hear over and over again every time I see them.

Ehem, bit of a tangent there.

Obviously, this opened up the more worship section of the concert. They played 2 new songs from their new CD (coming November 1st -- I'll have it by that evening). Tunnel & Communion. They were... worship. Yes, I've now heard three songs from the new CD and they are all straight up worship. Great worship, mind you -- but not a rock (or even just regular) CD I'm going to be able to listen to while studying and driving around. This disappoints me a bit, but I'll take any Third Day I can get. Mom absolutely loved the new songs. Communion had her bawling her eyes out and she told me after the concert how much she loved it. (See, at least it's great worship music with the one-of-a-kind southern fried voice of Mac Powell).

These were followed up by Show Me Your Glory & You Are So Good to Me. Then they did a great performance of Come Together and finished up with Creed. Of course with Third Day there is always an encore -- as there should be -- so they came back out and really finished it up with Your Love Oh Lord (a song I feel should soon die away with 'My Hope is you').

So yes, I complain that there is always so much worship music -- and no, they didn't even give us a rocking out of 'Consuming Fire' -- but it was an awesome concert. Mom even commented that they sounded better than when we saw them last in Birmingham. And I agree -- they sounded great. One thing I absolutely love about Third Day is that they sound even better live than they do on their CDs -- they are 100% the real deal.

Best band I know of by far (and no, I don't really listen to Christian music much at all -- just happen to love this band). I (and probably my mother with me) will most certainly be snatching up tickets to more concerts as soon as they announce the dates. There's nothing better than live Third Day music. And yes, my friends, I hit up the Third Day swag. That's my new shirt in the picture. They really had some great T-Shirts available. My favorite was a lime-green shirt that had "I wanna be a rockstar" in pink. Didn't have my size though. I love the one I picked up -- I've absolutely worn my other Third Day Ts out so it was high time I picked up a new one.

Oh and one more point -- they missed a PRIME perfect opportunity (PERFECT) -- Playing at the exact same time on the stage opposite them were the Black Crows themselves. Can anyone say 'BlackBird?' Man I'd have had a good kick out of that.


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