Things I'd record if I had a Tivo

Knowing what people set (or would set) their Tivo to record is an amazing insight into what they like. Why isn't there some cheesy blog meme where everyone posts their Tivoed shows? There should be. So here, my friends, are the shows that I wouldn't ever have to miss is I had a Tivo:

~ Desperate Housewives (ABC)
~ Medium (NBC)
~ Surface (NBC)
~ My Name is Earl (NBC)
~ Iron Chef America (Food Network)
~ Talk Sex With Dr. Drew (Health)
~ Scrubs (NBC)
~ Star Gate: SG1 (SciFi)
~ Firefly (SciFi)
~ Star Gate: Atlantis (SciFi)
~ Plastic Surgery: Before & After (Health)
~ Crossing Jordan (NBC)
~ Law & Order: SVU (NBC)
~ Law & Order: Criminal Intent (NBC)
~ Law & Order (NBC)


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