Some people get tickets because they made an honest-to-god mistake. Others get tickets because they just aren't team-players.

I fall into the latter category. It's not that I'm not a "team player," it's that I have some serious questions with the rules. If I deem a rule to be stupid, I usually violate it.

I got not one but two parking violations today. Am I going to pay them? No. Would I park there again? Yes.

UAH has decided that all the people who pay to live and go to school here don't need parking. Parking on this campus was already pretty bad, then they blocked off 3/4 of the parking lot for madison hall and decided that the residents of South East (where I live) don't need to park their cars. I'm pretty pissed about this.

In fact, I took this up with housing this morning. They've fenced off our parking lot because they are building more buildings for the sororities and fraternities... those buildings are going in our parking lot (that parking lot which has been known to get so full that people end up parking at the bank). So yes, we are ALL pissed. The police are angry because they can't police South East anymore because where the hell are they going to drive? They usually keep an officer in our parking lot -- that one we no longer have. The housing staff are pissed because they work here and they don't have parking spaces either.

We are being told to park at the library. You know -- the library that's on the other side of campus that you have to cross a main road to even get to.

So yeah, I got just angry enough to take this up with housing. She said we won't get our parking back this year. I asked her where they expected all the people who are going to move into the new buildings to park. She said, rather confidently, that the greeks will park next to their new buildings so we won't need so much parking. I looked at her with the absolute disdain that sometimes I just cannot hide. "So then where are all the people who move into what used to be the greek housing going to park?" Then she looked dumbfounded and got defensive. I have that way with people sometimes.

The point is, they are adding new buildings and in the end there will be even less parking. So we barely had enough parking before -- now we are going to have at least a hundred new residents and even less parking to go around. Is this really an engineering college 'cause I'm seriously starting to question that.

So yes, I illegally parked my car. EAT ME. I'll probably do it again. If you're not going to give me a place to park my fucking car then I'll just make one.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hell yeah! i can't believe how colleges do that, mine did that too, If there's not enough parking now how is adding more people and less parking spots gonna help anything. I guess it's just greed more people more tuition money

9:31 PM  

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