So this weekend was a bust.

The past three days were pretty much spent freaking out, psychotically scratching my skin, and/or being in a benadryl induced coma. Yeah, wasted. In fact yesterday and today are just a blur. I wasn't aware that benadryl was so powerful -- of course the fact that it was bubble-gum flavored didn't really encourage me to hold back. I went through the whole bottle. And you'd have done it too if you were in my position!

So back to the normal freaking out stuff. Like am I losing weight? Why aren't I? I'm gonna fail school, life sucks... la la la la la. You know, the usual.

Mom's coming up this weekend. We're gonna go see Third Day at Big Spring Jam. I'm actually really excited that mom's going to come up and spend the night. Weird eh? I'm sure I'll be annoyed by something when it actually happens -- but seems fun for now.

Also, I'm naturally freaking out about school. These classes are hard. And there's nothing to elaborate on that. Just hard classes. Thursday I'm going to build a logic circuit in lab. Sounds interesting -- though I'm not sure how much I'll like it at 8am ;) I'm really worried about the math classes though. Ugh.

At least I don't look like a leper anymore. Yay!


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