Rock on, brother

My minivan-driving brother and his wife have procured themselves a motorcycle. It's a graduation present my brother got for himself (though his wife wanted it just as much). They planned to go joy-riding this evening but by the end of dinner, their son was exhausted. My sister offered to watch him for them but it didn't look they were going to go with it.

Then my brother leaned over and asked his wife what she wanted to do. She gave him a wink and a sly smile in reply. Joy ridding they went. It was so great to see their faces light up as they put on their helmets and left my nephew sleeping on my sisters couch. You could see that that spark they have is still just as strong as it was on their wedding day.

You know, Heidi will be the first one to let you know if they're having an argument or trouble about something, but she still talks about him like he's prince charming -- even after years together. I'm glad my brother has that -- he certainly deserves it.

Rock on, Tim. The huge motorcycle totally eclipses the minivan.


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