Problems I have with the Sugar Free Reese's Peanut Butter Cups Packaging

+ Taunting of "improved creamy chocolate taste." First, "improved" is a bad word here. "Improved" implies that you had problems. It means your product sucks and people complained about it so you "improved" it and are making sure to point that out. Second, this only serves to flag us that it's fake chocolate. I may know that it's fake but I don't want you writing it in capital letters on the bag. I want to enjoy my Reese's and pretend that it's the real thing -- your marketing should not get in the way of this. Third, if this is an improvement, I can't imagine what it tasted like before. I'm all for the sugar-free life now, but come on. If I was having a taste test, I would label this as "fake chocolate flavor." No, I wouldn't say "chocolate" -- I would go out of my way to specify "FAKE" chocolate.

+ Yellow box on the back warning that "some individuals may experience a laxative effect." Now, I could let this slide as something that happens to 1 in 10 people if you just slapped some fine print on the bag somewhere. Reese's has not done that though. What Reese's has done is to highlight it with a yellow warning label and bold print. They even put a *star next to the sugar alcohol content -- which, my lord, is amazingly high.

I, like many sweet-toothed people who find themselves suddenly forced into the sugar free world have already learned the hard way the wonderful effects of sugar alcohol. In fact the only reason I'm eating your product tonight is for that very reason (sorry if that's too much info there folks, but Dooce talks about shit all the time and we all love her). And as I contemplated eating your product, it occurred to me that I'd have to eat more than one. I didn't like this thought. Then it occurred to me that I'd probably need more than a serving which is 5 mini-cups. 5 mini-cups is a lot. And for someone who loves Reese's cups to groan about being forced to eat your candy should give you pause. I just ate some and dang, I already regret it. And had I read how much sugar alcohol was actually in here, I would have been wiser and ate even less. Man, I don't think I've seen anything YET with this much sugar alcohol. And with all that, you couldn't even make it taste decent? What the hell -- someone needs to be fired over this whole fiasco.

Two thumbs down, Reese's. Two thumbs down.


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