Mmmm. Organization.

Don't you just feel better when you get something organized? I always like to sit back and admire my work. My room is still jam-packed with crap that's not mine, but at least I don't have to be ashamed if someone sees it anymore. It's very nicely organized now. Mmmmmmm. Of course I've tried to explain in the nicest gentlest possible way that just because I've made more space, doesn't mean you can just shove more stuff in here. I don't mind the stuff, as long as it's nicely stacked in storage containers. I mean it's only fair that they store stuff in here, I don't live here anymore.

I also got rid of all my clothes. I still had some clothes from when I started highschool... 8 years ago. I didn't even go through the drawers and bags and piles in the closet. I've shrunk and therefore none of it would fit anyway. :) So hannah home got about 15 bags of clothes. They got a lot of red shirts.

Soon I'll go through the clothes I have at school. Some of them are too big too. Then I'll get all nervous when I realize that I have hardly any clothes. Note that I still have the same amount that fits... I just can actually SEE that I don't have many every time I open the closet.

Speaking of clothes, I saw the most gorgeous skirt the other day. So wonderful that I had to try it on. It looked great on me but I didn't have the money to spend on it. Then I decided that I liked it so much I'd buy it anyway... and now they no longer have them. Isn't that so typical? As I bagged up all my old clothes I bagged up many dresses and skirts... expensive dresses *cringe* I used to wear skirts a lot more than I do now (especially considering that after today, I don't have any). Somewhere in early high school I stopped wearing them so much. I think I'll purchase one... or two.

Oh and in the cleaning, I found some old pictures of me. I might just post a few when I get home. I made an adorable 5 year old. And for some reason when I was a baby, my hair was always in pigtails. Mom says I had so much hair it was crazy. What the hell happened to all my hair? Did it fall off somewhere in grade school?


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