Maybe i'll implode, or finally prove the case for spontaneous human combustion

My mother thinks that these hives are from stress. Well, I've been stressed out for just shy of 23 years now. I hope shes not right, cause that means they'll never go away. I stress. It's what I do.

I have a really big test today. I'm very unprepared. Very.

I have a job interview today, don't much care for that -- just have to get out a little earlier and cuts into my cram time. It's at a gas station. No, I don't particularly want to work at a gas station, but a job is a job and money is money. Everyone asks me why I don't just go back to Target. Everyone acts like a gas station is such a horrible place to work. It's a cashiering job with way less volume and responsibility than cashiering at Target was. Do I feel it is beneath me? Yes, because I'm a bitch like that ;) But I need money and money comes from a job.

Ugh, don't eat and type -- now I'm sick. Dammit.

I called Banes & Nobel -- who I've applied to. Every time I talk to someone they get all excited because my hours of availability are just what they need but then no one ever calls me. It'd only be a seasonal job. I'm gonna call tomorrow too. I'd hate to get hired at the gas station today and then B&N tomorrow. Well, I wouldn't hate it, but I'd feel bad when I called the gas station and quit before I ever even started.

Oh I'm so gonna fail that test.


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