Look what my Beetle will be able to do!

"Plug in, drive away and enjoy: Take thousands of songs with you using pocket mass storage media. (...)

Up to six music folders can be displayed as CDs one to six on the radio or navigation system screen. Any information that has been stored for the music files – for example, the number of the song and the timer – will be displayed. The scan, search and shuffle functions can be selected using the radio buttons as you would for CDs.

When you switch the radio off, the track being played will be stopped and will then continue when you turn it back on. The supported formats include MP3, of course."

That's right, Beetles (and other Volkswagens) will soon be able to play mp3s (and presumably, other formats) through the cars radio using a USB connection in the console. This not only means that I can hook up an iPod, but that those people without iPods will be able to buy a cheap USB memory stick and play music from it as if they had an iPod. Genius.

I can't wait till I get my Beetle!


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