It's never simple is it?

Apparently I am the only person ever to request virtual PC for Mac from their school. No seriously. First, it took me forever to get the school to even make it available for me, since they didn't even have it on their system. That took a week. So I get the software and a site to download a serial for it. When I download the information, it says no serial is required. Ok. When I install the program, it wants a 25 character product key. So I do what rational people do. I call hell itself directly at Microsoft and wait on hold for 45 minutes to finally get an operator who can't help me. Exactly what I would have expected -- thanks for making me like you even less. She does give me another number to call though. That number is already closed, so I have to call the next day.

That's today. I wake up and call the new number. They can't help me, so they give me another number to call -- this is the Academic Alliance people and they should know. So I'm on hold with them forever -- because apparently a lot of people need help at 8 in the fucking morning. And she says that Mac is not supported and they don't have any software or serials for the product. Ok... I got this product from you... it's on your site... It is a Microsoft product now... She can't help me. FUCK YOU. Ehem. So I call the school, who I had sent an email about it yesterday. He says yeah he just saw my email, I'm the only person who's ever wanted this piece of software "this is Karen right?" Yeah. I swear they think I'm crazy. I've been in there every other day trying to get this software.

They just emailed me a product key. I'm not sure it will work though -- I mean this has only taken 2 weeks so far, maybe I have to drag it out to 3 to show that I REALLY want them to give me the fucking software I'm supposedly entitled to. You know, not everyone uses windows. We aren't programming for windows, so why is it so unreasonable for them to give me software for a fucking macintosh?

This -- THIS is why Americans are so stressed out that we're all on anxiety drugs and anti-depressants. We have to deal with things this way just to get anything done -- it's an endless course of jumping through hoops for what?

I'm done.


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