I'm Mr HeatMiser, I'm Mr Sun. I'm Mr la la la, I'm Mr Hundred-and-one.

Weather I am ready for some cold weather! I want Fall to come soon -- pumpkins and pots full of mums. I love cold weather -- sweaters and jackets and layers, seeing your breath when you breathe, extra blankets on the bed, hats and gloves - being able to take a walk without dripping sweat. It always seems to come later and later in the year. Of course I know that I'm in Alabama and it's not time for Fall yet, but dang it needs to hurry up.

It usually starts getting cool around late October to early November (November most likely). So a month? Maybe two? I'm ready to put up my flip-flops and get out the pull-overs. Seems like this summer has been unusually hot... even for us. Then again I'm always the one getting mad at people who say that. I always want to yell "you live in Alabama! You say that every summer! MOVE ALREADY."

And believe me, I'm gonna move. I have little attachment to Alabama; I think it could be easily satiated with a visit every few years (if even). I want to live where it snows. Mmmmm snow. Last December I had the pleasure of being around some snow. Yes, I saw what a major inconvenience and safety hazard it was -- but I also got to toss a few snow balls and admire the beauty of it. I'm still like a kid -- snow is new and amazing to me.

But we don't have snow. It's 90 degrees outside.

I hate this state.


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