How the uppers live

Tonight I saw My Super Sweet Sixteen on MTV. Have I ever wanted to smack someone so much? Ok, yes, but that's because I have anger management issues. I'm so jealous! These girls having these parties just have money thrown at them. She rented a private jet to fly to Vegas and buy a one-of-a-kind designer dress... for her 16th birthday party. Her dad also had her favorite singer come sing. He said it cost well over two hundred and three thousand dollars. Did you catch that? 203,000 dollars. My mommas house only cost 90,000 dollars. I can't even imagine.

I mean I'm really just -- I can't imagine. People live like that? They can just spend such extravagant sums of money on a party that the whiny bitch won't even care about in a week? It kinda angers me and then also makes me sick. I'm just so jealous. It makes me kinda sad. Not even just for me, but for my family that struggles with money and there are girls spending that much for a freakin' birthday party and they don't even care. She even had the nerve to constantly get angry at her father that was paying for it all.

You know, even if I had that kind of money to toss around (which ain't gonna happen unless I become the next queen of England) there's no way I would let my child treat money like that. $200,000 dollar party? Maybe when you win a Nobel Prize.

Man I just can't imagine having that much money. Wow.


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