Heads up, Third Day fans

Third Day & their label have made their new single "Cry Out to Jesus" from the upcoming CD "Wherever You Are" available for free download on their website. They've made the studio version available as well as an extended heart-wrenching version for the people who are suffering in the wake of hurricane Katrina. (Thanks to Mark for the heads up on that one).

Also, if you head on over to Grassrootsmusic.com, you can see the three new covers for the upcoming CD. And if you preorder from them, you get a free copy of Southern Tracks. (Let me tell you, if you haven't heard Southern Tracks, it is worth the price of the CD just by itself).

I get so excited when there is new Third Day. I've already listened to the new song 6 times. I'm about to go wake my mom up to hear it -- she'll be equally excited. Did I mention I get to see them live this month? I do!


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