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Ok... Ok so I wake up kinda itchy right, well I go pee cause usually when I wake up I go pee and guess what I see in the bathroom light? Hives. Yes hives all over my arm. And I itch so I start to see them other places. Oh my god I'm covered. This has never happened to me. Ever. I'm freaking out.

I'm super highly allergic to poison ivy and it makes my entire body break out -- but not really like this (I'd say poison ivy is worse). I've never experienced this.

Did I mention I'm freaking out? I just took pictures of it with my digital camera in case it goes away a bit by morning. I'm calling the doctor at 8AM -- I'm setting my alarm so I can wake up and beg and plead for him to please see me today cause I can't wait all weekend with something weird like this all over my body -- I'm freaking out. I need an anxiety pill.

Oh I need shots. I need shots of something. I'm not leaving that doctors office till I've at least got a shot of anti-biotics. Oh please Lord make this go away. Pretty pretty pretty pretty please.

**UPDATE 1: So I thought maybe I overreacted at 2am. Now it's almost 8am. I totally did not overreact -- it's way worse now. Not better, worse. I'm going to die aren't I? I called mom to ask her what I should do and she freaked and told me to go to a doctor. I hope he can see me today.

**UPDATE 2: It's about 10am and I just got back from the doctor (see it takes me 2 months to see my psychiatrist but only an hour to get an appointment with my doctor). He said I'm having a really bad allergic reaction to something. Not that I have any idea what that could possibly be. He said not to worry about what caused it, that if it happens a second time maybe we can figure it out. So he gave me a super high dose of something in the form of a intramuscular shot (ow). He said that should clear it up today and if it's not gone by tonight he gave me a prescription for some pills to start taking tomorrow.

I like my doctor. I feel better now. BTW, yes I totally had digital camera pictures from 2am and 7am. I'm glad I did, it keeps getting better and worse and moving to different places on my body. Like last night my arm was covered in red welts -- now it's fine. I showed him the pictures and he was like WOW yeah those are welts. Plus with the pictures you could see how it was barely on my leg at 2am and then totally covering my leg at 7. I'm so glad it's going to be gone tonight. My lord I itch. I itch a lot.

I haven't had any sleep -- I almost fell asleep waiting on the doctor. Actually, I think I did fall asleep in the office and I'm in denial about it.


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