A few notes.

1. The iPod nano looks cool as hell. I want one. Someone buy me one. Color screen -- super light (1.5 ounces) -- super tiny (Only 3.5 x 1.6 x 0.27 inches) -- dock connector means my chargers and such that I already have will work fine with it. Mmmm. they look nice. And I could use my current iPod as a backup drive or something. Yum, I've been disappointed with a few of the things apple is putting out latley -- but this is nice. We knew color minis were coming -- but they took it a step further with this. Very nice. And they start at just 199, though I'd double the storage for another 50 bucks and get the 250 version.

2. I'm sick. I've been stressing out this morning, as I usually do -- that's nothing knew. I'm about to head out for class and I was going to eat some lunch before I go. Bad idea. I'm sick. Not just a little sick. Real sick. The sweating, burning up, exhausted, stomach cramping, wanting to vomit -- and did I mention exhausted, I can barely hold my head up here, literally -- kinda sick. Ugh. I'm going to class anyway and I'll make myself stay the whole 5 hours -- but damn. I'm burning up here. I had 3 bites. 3 bites.

3. How do you tell the difference between a 'metrosexual' and a flaming homo? Seriously, there's a guy in my class and I just don't know which he fits. I'm leaning towards flaming queer cause there's no way he could be into girls and looking like that. I don't have time to describe, but... damn. He's got to be gay.


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