The Epipens -- they made me happy

So yes, I had to dish out a hundred dollars so I can carry an Epipen with me incase my throat swells up an I die from the aforementioned anonymous allergy. Both Izzy and my doctor agree that this is a good idea. Of course I'd take Izzy's word over my own doctor, but then I also didn't go to the ER when I should have so what the hell do I know ;)

So Nothing has gotten better -- CERTAINLY NOT THE HIVES. They are laughing at the shot the doctor gave me. Laughing, I tell you. Loudly. Also, my roommate has company over. Chinese company. Oh. My. God. Stop. Talking. Dude, the language -- it's as bad as the hives. And dammit, thats saying a lot.

But I'm in better spirits. Oh and my checking account is positive. Yeah, it was negative and I got slapped with a 40 dollar fee for that -- but there's money there now, a little extra even. Of course it was also mentioned that I have to take the gas station job. And please don't make me think about that -- it will upset me again.

I'm going to go buy a mattress pad! I already have 2 mattress pads on my bed but you can't even tell. My mom slept on it and recommended I get some mattress pads -- I was like, there's two already on there. Yeah, not a soft bed. So I'm gonna go get EVEN MORE. And I have some nice sheets that are a good thread count that my mom bought me! I'm gonna put them on tonight too. I'm excited. I have like super cheap sheets and when I slept in moms bed, which has good sheets, I was like -- wow, what have I been missing? Now I have some! And they are bright orange. I don't own anything that's bright orange so really they are the opposite of matching and that makes me like them even more.

Of course we still have the problem of "Karen, you're covered in hives that you would like to have cut from your skin with sharp objects." And to that I say, well hey you can't win everything. And since I lose everything -- orange sheets and epipens are all I got -- you gotta run with what you got. I'm going to come home and do one of those horrid looking face-masks. It's avocado. And THEN I'm gonna take a shower with the expensive oatmeal wash that someone told my mom to tell me that I HAD to get because it would help. Yep. AND it came in different kinds -- like 'high moisture' and stuff. Guess which one I got? The "Stress Relief" Body Wash that "calms and relaxes with lavender, chamomile & ylang ylang." I've never heard of ylnag ylang. Maybe thats why I have so much stress -- not enough ylnag ylang in my life. I should ask my roommate about that -- sounds like something she'd say. Anyway, lord KNOWS I need stress relief, so the choice was a given really.

Maybe I'll feel better in the morning :)


Anonymous Leah said...

the oatmeal stuff does help (tho in the future you can just pour normal oatmeal into the bath or hang it in a bag under the faucet). when I had a body covered with hives, it made me stop itching (okay, so, only lasted about .5 minutes out of the bath, but it was all good when I was in the bath).

I hope your hives get better soon. I definitely feel for you. I can't stand freakin' hives

1:36 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

Yeah, they are only getting worse... and worse... and worse... and worse. The oatmeal made them stop itching for an hour -- that was nice.

I wonder if pouring oatmeal in my tub would clog the drain though?

8:13 PM  

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