Third Day didn't go on stage until 10:15PM so me and mom had a lot of time to pass yesterday. Hanging around my apartment gets boring pretty quick, so we headed off to the lake on campus to feed the ducks. The above picture is one mom took of me tempting the little cuties to bite my fingers off. Feeding ducks Ritz crackers is really more fun than you'd imagine (what, you'd expect bread? I think not! These are classy ducks -- only party crackers for them).

You'll notice my stack of crackers is pretty low. Thats because one of the ducks only had one leg. I don't know if you've ever seen a one-legged duck, but it's really fucking sad. He wasn't even hopping around -- he just kinda tried, unsuccessfully, to use his little nub. I felt so bad for the poor thing that I gave him like 10 crackers. Man, just thinking about that poor duck makes me what to cry. HE ONLY HAD ONE LEG.

Man, I can't even write anymore after that. ONE LEG.


Anonymous ladymerlin said...

we have a one legged duck on campues?? this i gotta see....

9:01 PM  

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