Last night I had a dream that I 'accidently' ordered 2 iPods. Well, it was a set. It came from the Vaja case people and it was a set with a shuffle and a mini and matching expensive leather cases. It cost 300 dollars.

The problem is I was only looking on the site and bookmarked it but it mistakenly placed an order. Then I got it and meant to send it back, but apparently forgot. So a month later I find it in my room. And I really like it and I want to keep it... but it's 300 dollars. And who needs 3 iPods? I think I was just iPod hoarding. So I then tried to rationalize keeping it. I really wanted the mini and figured I could sell the shuffle but then the shuffle had a bright pink leather case and I didn't know who I could sell that to.

I'll also note that they didn't come with headphones/earbuds or charger cables. I thought that was a rip.

At some point in time I signed online to try to sell izzy the pink shuffle and my computer had windows and mac on it -- and it kept loading windows and it had like 5 IM clients and they all sucked and I couldn't find Adium -- it was driving me crazy.

There was also a separate dream where I was moving into dorms with 2 guys (yes, they were cute) and Ozzy Osbourne was my roommate. I also had a great collection of glassware -- I don't know where the hell that came from.

Then I was robbed. And the dorm people came to document what was stolen and I couldn't remember what they took. But apparently they took a rug, my powerbook cable, and the door knobs. The fuckers stole my doorknobs!

Sorry, I really did have something worth while to post but I've totally forgotten what that was. I'm about to head to Birmingham for the weekend. It's my dads birthday. yippie!


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