Don't be messing with my momma

So today I heard something very upsetting through the grapevine. For one it pissed me off. For two it pissed off and hurt my mother -- and that just brings forth a fiery stream of anger.

Background: My mother is a real estate agent. She's a new real estate agent so she's still trying to break in and building up her connections. But she's doing business and hopefully soon she can rely fully on real estate and quit teaching (please God help us out here).

Now Mr. M (only using an abbreviation because I can't spell his name) is a dear friend of my mother. They worked together at the last school she worked at and became immediate friends. I also befriended Mr. M. Through high school he became a bit of a father-figure to me and so naturally I really like the guy.

So there's your background. Now, Mr. M wanted to sell their house himself but he swore if they used an agent it would be my mom. Guess what we heard through the grapevine today? Mr. M is using another agent. He used a really rich long-time agent who has his hand in everything. The little birdy also quoted Mr. M as feeling like he is this agents last priority. Newsflash: you are!

Why would he do this? That other agent can't sell his house any better or any faster than my mother can. And yes, Mr. M's tiny house in the middle of nowhere doesn't even fall on this agents scope. I'm really really hurt and angry about this. He totally screwed over my mother -- his friend! And she is really hurt by this.

I hope his house doesn't sell. I hope it burns down and insurance declares it an act of God and refuses to pay them a penny. I also hope I run into him next time I'm in Birmingham so I can tell him just what I think about him using that other agent.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe Mr M just thinks it's best to keep business and friendship separate, and I kind of agree. I got burned when my own uncle sold me a bad mortgage. But if that IS how he feels, I do think he should have been honest with your mum from the start.

1:17 AM  
Blogger Karen said...

Thank you for the perspective -- that is one I hadn't considered. But if that were the case, he should have told her that -- or not said anything rather than promising her the listing if he went with an agent.

I still think he's a bastard that screwed my mother, but hey -- I'll pass your idea on to my mother. Maybe it will make her feel better. She refuses to think badly of him (since they are friends) -- but she really is extremely hurt over this and I feel so bad that I can't make it better.

1:42 AM  

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