Deviled Eggs

I've always been the deviled egg lover of the family. Every special occasion: "we have to make some deviled eggs for Karen." And that's just the way I like it. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Labor Day, 4th of July... But they're just special occasion food, not something you get all that often.

Now cut to me coming home this weekend. My mom loves it when I'm home for the weekend because she misses me when I'm away. So she tends to cook dinner and such when I'm home and as she knows me so well, she tends to cook some of my favorite things. Isn't she sweet? Anyway, last week she was trying to think of something that would be good for me to eat (seeing as 3/4s of the food I was raised on now makes me ill). So I came home on Friday and was laying in my room when she comes in and goes -- you can have deviled eggs! And of course I go "mmmmm I loved deviled eggs." And she says she got the stuff to make them -- just for me. Oooo, I love my mom!

So last night she made them. An entire plate of deviled eggs for no special occasion other than that I'm home for the weekend (I feel so special). And darn -- they are so good. I even asked her this morning if they were for Labor Day dinner tomorrow or if I could have another. I can't help but ask every time I eat one -- we usually have to save them for that special dinner.

Everyone should eat these more often. I don't see why not -- it's just egg salad in a way (not that I like egg salad. I know -- weird, aren't I?) Mom told me they are a southern food -- is that true?

I find it funny when I learn that something is a 'southern' thing. One day I'm not going to live in the south anymore and I guess I'll just be the one eating all the weird things and talking with a drawl. And you'll love me for it.


Anonymous Leah said...

I'm not southern, and I love my devilled eggs. However, I also like egg salad and potato salad with eggs in it.

1:20 AM  

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