Clean up clean up, everybody clean up

Since I moved to Huntsville, my room at my moms house has become a storage locker. It's not that fact in and of its self that bothers me; it's the way it has been done. Nothing has even been stacked properly -- things have literally just been shoved in here, and if they fell over when they got shoved, then so be it. This disturbs me a great amount.

I'm not that messy of a person. My philosophy on cleaning is if you wipe it off now, you won't have to scrub it later. Having my room like this makes it appear that it's my fault... because it's my room. The fact that I didn't put any of it in here has nothing to do with the blame being on me. This bothers me very much.

My mother moving in here after her surgery didn't help matters. What was already a horrid mess was pushed to the sides and shoved around even more so that even more junk could be piled in. There's a portable toilet next to my bed. This bothers me a lot.

Today I am going to attempt to manage some of this. I'm going to attempt to give it some since of order and reclaim so of the floor back. I'm not looking forward to this.

Hannah home and Goodwill are going to have a lot more stuff tonight.

Wish me luck.


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