Chocolate Milkshake with 30 grams of Protein!

This is a post I wrote to post to a message board, but I thought I'd toss it on Silver Beetle too.

Some of yall may frown on eating ice cream while trying to lose weight, but I found a way to make an awesome treat and get lot's of protein too. I have yet to find a protein powder or drink that I can tolerate for more than a few sips. So I bought a container of designer whey protein in chocolate to give a try. It's not great but it reminds me of cold hot chocolate if I mix it with milk. However, I have found an even better way:

I don't know if you've tried it yet, but Bryers new Double Churned Sugar-Free Vanilla ice cream is wonderful. I like it even better than Blue Bell vanilla bean Ice cream (which would now make me super sick). So I tossed a serving of that in the blender with a scoop of the chocolate protein powder and some fat free milk and I swear it tastes awesome. I wouldn't know it had protein in it and no sugar! Plus it's only 300 calories (110 of which are the protein powder) and 4 grams of fat. No sugar AND THIRTY grams of designer whey protein.

Makes a nice treat :)

I have a few other ideas too -- One to actually make a cup of hot chocolate with it, but it's a little too hot outside for that.

And can anyone tell me if you have to consume the protein within a certain amount of time after it is mixed with liquid? I've heard some third-hand hint to that but the packaging doesn't mention it. I was thinking of making a pot of chili and tossing some in (A lot of people include chocolate as a secret ingredient in their chili -- seriously). Even if that is true, I suppose I could just toss some protein into the cup as it is served...

I swear I'm going to get my allotted protein someway or another.


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