When knives attack

I dropped my computer off for repairs. It’s killing me. You know how when your modem goes out or the power goes out and you can’t get online and it drives you insane? Then the power comes on and you check your email and you’re done? Yeah – like that. It’s not that I have anything to do online – I just can’t stand the fact that I can’t sign on.

Yesterday I got a guy from my class to email me some work, but then I remembered – I can’t check my email. And today I went to look up a number with my yellowpages widget and my beloved powerbook wasn’t there.

I miss it.

Anyway, on another note I wanted to post what happened to me this morning seeing as it’s a very typical thing that would only happen to me. I was going to cut a block of cheese so I could have cheese crackers, right? Well, I was using steph’s cheap knives and as I begin to cut, the blade breaks off, flips back towards me and slices my arm. I am not kidding. It wasn’t even hard cheese – it was cheddar with extra high moisture content – AKA SOFT.

So if someone asks how I got this lovely cut on my arm, I’m going to have to make something up because I refuse to answer “I was cutting some cheese when the knife attacked me.”


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