Some people are just lame [period]

So I was using google to find the author of this quote:
"If you can't be a good example, then you'll just have to be a horrible warning."
Turns out it's by someone I've never heard of by the name of Catherine Aird. I like it. It amuses me.

That's not worth a post in and of itself -- but it gets better. I found my answer on a message board and this avatar caught my eye. Yeah, thats it on the left (with the yellow text added by myself). How much more lame can you get? I'd be able to excuse it if it was by -- ohhhh, lets say an 11 year-old-girl... but it's not.

So here we have a very old picture of (the very sexy) Johnny Depp in front of a very much enlarged and pixilated version of the same image. This is surrounded by a "frame" of a very early 90's (that's being generous) computer textured border inset with 2 stepped fades.

Oh the lameness is killing me. KILLING ME.


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