Propel Fitness Water

Propel I admit that I only tried these because I heard a radio DJ praising them one night. Then I saw these 1 liter bottles at Walmart for a dollar. So I figured I'd try some - 2 bucks isn't much to lose.

I got the Melon and Grape flavors and am surprisingly pleased with the taste. I've tried just about every flavored water out there (no, really) and these are up there as the best. The flavor isn't washed out, I'd compare it to kool-aid. And they taste like their flavors (You'd think that would be a given, but not in the flavored water business). The melon is extremely good -- I'll definitely be purchasing it again.

My only complaint is the size of the bottles. I purchased the 1 liter (~34oz) bottles. They are too wide for me to get a good grip on. The only other bottles I saw in the store looked pretty small. I'd assume there would be something in the range of a 20oz out there somewhere. Until I find those, I think these liter bottles are an awesome deal for a dollar. And since you're not buying by the pack, you can try all the flavors.

Unfortunately they are not sugar free, but there's only about 2g of sugar per serving which is acceptable as far as I'm concerned. The label advertises it as vitamin-enhanced, but looking at the amount of vitamins in here really doesn't look worth it.

I give these a thumbs up. Great for when you want something non-carbonated, low on sugar, light, refreshing, and pre-bottled. I hope to see some gas-stations selling these soon, I'd be happy to pick one up on a hot day.


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