I’m early for class so I popped in a computer lab – so sue me. I miss the internet. I’d browse some of my favorite blogs, but I can see myself getting in huge trouble for using the software lab for that. So I’ll only quickly check on one or two…

I called to see if I could pick up my computer today (this will make the third day they’ve had it, since I dropped it off really early on Monday). They don’t have it – they shipped it off to Apple. Thanks a lot guys, I could have done that Monday and had it shipped back to me – you’re just playing the middle man. Oh and they didn’t even ship it to Apple until Tuesday evening which means me taking it to them was a mistake, I should have just shipped it to Apple myself on Monday morning. That really pisses me off.

I know, I’m just irritable. I’m nervous about class. …still.

Oh and I called every pharmacy in the phone book looking for generic Effexor that my doctor swears exists. (The phone book I had to borrow from my neighbors upstairs because apparently college students don’t have phone books – why? Because they have computers. And my Chinese roommate couldn’t even understand what a phonebook is – she just kept saying “phonebook” over and over. “phonebook?” “yes, phone. book.” “phonebook?” “yeah, the yellow pages – book with phone numbers – big book” “phonebook?” “never mind” “phonebook?” Christ, a furbie learns quicker).

Anyway, no one had ever heard of a generic so I call the doctors office (I’ve been doing this back-and-forth for 3 days now). So they call the pharmacy and order it for me. Then they call be 20 minutes later and say that the generic was discontinued so I have to get name brand. Well thanks for having me call 20 pharmacies and sound like an idiot.

So again, I’m paying almost $250 for one prescription for one month. That’s just under $10 A DAY. I can’t afford this prescription anymore. I don’t know what I’m gonna do – have you heard stories about people who go off Effexor? It doesn’t sound fun. Not to mention the fact that I’d only be going off it so I could be crazy and depressed again for the rest of my life. Ahhh… stress. God will provide… right?


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