Oh how I wish this were true

Christopher Walken for president 2008. I would support the campaign just so I could hear him do campaign speeches with that wonderfully unique twist. And can you imagine the debates?

I fully admit that I know nothing of Walken as an actual person -- but I have seen him in a hell of a lot of movies and dammit, that counts. How about in 'Sleepy Hollow' where he was cutting peoples heads off? That's the kinda scary image the US needs. Or when he talked about keeping that kid's dad's watch in his ass for years in 'Pulp Fiction'. Dedication. Pure dedication. Or how about how he spoke in 'Man on Fire'? Tell me you didn't believe every word he said about what Denzel would do for revenge. That little girl taught him how to live again, and dammit no ones going to take that away.

And why did we believe him? Because anything Christopher Walken says has to be true. It's all in the mans demeanor. And those pauses -- like he's truly trying to connect with you. If Walken was my psychiatrist, I swear I'd be fixed by now. I wonder how much he charges to do therapy?

Walken would give America one hell of a kick ass image. We'd be laughed at yes, but when the man spoke -- foreign leaders would question their stances. And can you imagine him addressing the American public in and emergency situation? "We must not panic ... for the men ... the men who did this ... thats what they want..." Shit, it'd be awesome. I'd listen to him!

Walken is the man.


Blogger Paula said...

I thought it was a legit site? Or is it a hoax - including the press release?

10:19 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

The press release that you can only read on that site? I believe it's a fake because if it were true, I think we'd have heard about it on the news, Drudge Report, CNN, and all the major news outlets. We all knew Swatzenager was running for governor of california, didn't we? How much bigger is President of the United States?

Like I said, I wish it were true. It would amuse me greatly.

10:42 PM  

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