Morning: 9:00AM

[Scene: Karen is in bed sleeping, as is a given in the AM hours.]

Steph: *Bangs obnoxiously on door* "GET YOUR ASS OUT OF BED!"

Karen: "no"

Steph: *continues the attack on my door* "GET UP!"



So Stephs moving in today. Yay! English speaking roommate!

Speaking of English speaking roommates -- or should I say non-English speaking roommates. China girl has had another Chinese girl living here. No, I can't tell them apart. All oriental people look the same to me. I know that's racist -- but dude, they really do. So the non-roommate asks me for help with her school email address and I'm nice so I google to find the directory. You have to search with your last name, right? So I type in the last name of the roommate and go "is that right" and she goes "no i'm not ____."


Then I tell Steph about it and she laughs at me, right? Then the roommate roommate walks past and Steph looks at me a mouths "Holy shit, they do look the same." SEE!


Anonymous ladymerlin said...

they really do look the same!!

12:08 AM  

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