Mmmmm Mac...

So I'm watching the Birthday Cake challenge on Food Network (because I have nothing better to do) when my phone rings. Ohhhh a phone call! It's my sister... calling for my dad. Boooooo.

___Insert paragraph where I rant here___

Ok. I've got like 1 minute to figure out how to receive a fax with my powerbook. I know this can be done because Izzy told me it could and he's my Mac guru. But Izzy isn't online (damn it).

Ok Ok. Google. So I google "Mac OSX recieve fax" Oh look at that, I misspelled receive -- Isn't it nice of google to correct me? Anyway, I come up on this page from Apple. I like when I can get my information straight from the primary source so I'm happy about this. Only problem is this is just a page taunting the wonderful built-in-ablity to fax. I need directions, dammit! It does have a picture of a print & fax options dialogue box. So I open System Prefs and lo and behold there it is! So I enter my fax number and check the options I want. Ok now what?

I've tried to fax from Windows before and never actually figured it out... so I'm looking for someway to set up the modem to receive faxes. Cause lord knows nothing is that simple.

Only thing is, there are no other options... just this simple, easy-to-understand dialogue box. Could that really be it? So I hook up the phone line and call my sister and tell her to fax it. Then I glue myself to the computer.

The phone rings -- I see the computer doing something. Connecting connecting... receiving receiving... connecting again -- Oh no I've failed. I will pay for this failure. Wait -- receiving... OMG it stopped. Nothing happened. No windows -- no options. I've failed.

BUT WAIT -- My printer is wirelessly printing something! Holy shit it worked.

Go figure this is the most insignificant letter ever, but whatever.

Isn't that awesome? All I had to do was open a easy-to-find easy-to-understand dialogue box and enter my phone number. No ok buttons, no apply buttons -- no setting up a modem -- nothing else. And the thing just worked.

It doesn't get much more built-in then that, folks.

Steve Jobs, I want to kiss you!


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