Makin' banana pancakes, pretendin' it's the weekend... We can pretend it all the time.

The Jack Johnson song quoted in the title has been in my head all day. I'm loving his new CD. I just recently 'acquired' it and I can't stop playing it.

As for the line from that quote, *swoon.* Doesn't that sound like the perfect morning? Waking up with your sweety on a rainy day and just making it a lazy weekend day. Mmm sounds great.

Not that the whole CD is mushy and lovey like that. I probably wouldn't like it if it was. It's just got a nice vibe to it. Nice overall sound -- Great to listen to in the car.

I've been in a generally good mood lately. This CD seems to fit that. What's up with me actually being in reasonably good spirits?

I'm still freaking out about the usual - school, life, weight, money, love, failing at trying to get somewhere with my life. But for some reason, right this second -- seems like I actually have hope hiding out there somewhere.

Could I just be naive?

Look, writing down that I was in a good mood has actually made me start worrying. So typical of me. I shall stop there.


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