Leopard print sharks are mean.

I had a dream last night that I was at the beach with my family. The water was perfectly clear and it was nearing late afternoon. Everyone knows not to swim in the late afternoon because of sharks, but the ocean was full of swimmers and children playing anyway. All the sudden a huge group of dolphins came close to the shore and were swimming with all the people in the water. I jumped in and began to swim towards the dolphins being careful to avoid a few sharks I had seen in the water. Suddenly my mom called out to me and told me they were close to the shore near her -- so I swam over there. But my mom hadn't seen dolphins, she had seen sharks.

They were little sharks about a foot long and they had furry animal print bodies. Like zebra print and tiger print and leopard print. They looked like they had swam into a muff or something but in the dream it totally made sense. They also had really long jaws, like alligators. But before I could get away, a leopard print one with a luminescent blue and yellow halo bit my ankle. It wasn't a serious bite, only the top jaw really got me -- and like I said, these were tiny sharks.

The rest of the beach vacation was uneventful. When we got home I unpacked my bag and we all marveled at the shark I had had mounted. I had pulled it off my leg and threw it on the beach, then we got it mounted -- apparently. Here's a rough sketch of the bastard that bit me:


Anonymous Skwid said...

All I can say is...... YOU'RE CRAZY!!!!!
Sounds like an interesting dream..... Glad I don't have them, that's for sure!

4:06 AM  

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