I'm locked in!

I can't get my door open. I've tried turning the knob as hard as I can -- kicking it, pushing it, pulling it. I just started laughing because I really cant get it open. Reminds me of when Meredith and me got stuck in that apartment -- we literally pulled the doorknob off and had to have maintenance come open the door.

At least now I live on the first floor where I can hop out the window. I'm about to hop out the window and try to get it open from the outside. Pushing something is usually easier than pulling something... right?

Who the hell shut the door? We never shut the door because not only is it hard to open -- it's hard to shut too. I know that sounds like a huge security risk -- and it is... but I keep my bedroom door locked so it's not like they could steal my stuff. It's also so convenient when you come home with your hands full and you can just push the door open. Look ma! No keys!

UPDATE: So I went to open the window and it has a screen on it. Dilemma. So I start unscrewing the screws to get the screen out... and there was a black widow on the screen. I just started screaming. Window idea is SO OUT. I really can't get the fucking door open.

Any one in Huntsville wanna come help me out? Please?

UPDATE 2: Ok. The screen on my bedroom window was already screwy when I moved in so I ripped it out once to throw shit through the window when I was moving. So no harm in ripping it out again -- right? Only thing is, once I go out this window -- I won't be able to get back in because it's too high. So locked in, or locked out... which is better?

WHO SHUT THE FUCKING DOOR -- there are REASONS that it is always open.

UPDATE 3: I have removed the 4 screws holding the window screen in place with minimal screaming about spiders. This seems like a lot of trouble to get my fucking door open...

Final UPDATE: AHA! I win! I went outside and turned the knob and threw all my weight into the door expecting a ton of resistance. I almost busted my ass as the door flew open way too easily. Oh well. I'll reinstall the window screen tomorrow. I need day light to see the spiders.


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