I survived

Yes, I survived today. ...with the help of a lot of Effexor and some left over Klonopin. Mmm. 5 hours of math classes -- Fun!

This semester is looking like it's going to be a hard one. My first class today is a hardware class -- anyone who has toyed with the idea of computer science knows that it's all pretty much math. This class was no different. We spent the hour converting between and playing around with the decimal, binary, octal, and hexidecimal systems. Mmmm fun. The cool news is that by the end of this semester, I should be able to macgyver up a CPU and arithmetic-logic unit. Should is the key word there.

Class number 2 is another math class. This one will study quantitated error due to truncation. The point is to approximate indefinite decimals and impossible integrals and study the error that results. That's particularly relevant to computer science because computers have to truncate decimals -- you can't store an infinite decimal in binary. So now we get to study just how much that will fuck you over in the end.   

Class 3 is... yes, simply Differential Equations. I fully admit that I have started this class twice and dropped after like a month. Third times a charm... right?

Tomorrow should be a lot easier than today.

I'm exhausted. Freaking out totally wears me out on every level.


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