A few Friday rants.

1. I called financial aid today to see why I haven't been awarded anything yet considering the semester is about to start. I spent 30 minutes on the phone with them while they got all my stuff together and realized that yes, they do have everything they need. I was there in person making sure all this got done and I spoke to the woman in charge personally and she said, "Ok, I'll make the corrections." So why, 2 weeks later, have the corrections not been made? Fuck if I know. Pisses. Me. Off.

2. What the hell is wrong with my family? I mean seriously, there is some point where you just stop and go "dude, that's messed up." I'm way past that point and I think my family was past it before I was even born. Let me cite today's reasons. Note, I'm only going into today.
A. My sister still has not cleaned the 2 piles of vomit in the front yard. She likes to get shit-faced drunk and eat everything in the house -- then go pass out on the front lawn. Oh, you think I'm joking -- if only I were. Apparently now shes gone back to being bulimic and vomiting. But we can't vomit in the toilet like a good bulimic now can we? No, we have to vomit in the monkey grass flower bed edging and pretend that no one will notice. That's beyond disgusting -- it's a health hazard.

B. I got my sister to go to Sams with me today so I could get a great deal on a HP printer. (This is my other sister -- the one with a Sams card). So I'm buying a printer for like 80 dollars and the whole time shes telling me that I don't need it. She always gets like that when I buy anything even though I'm spending my money on it. I don't need a printer? How the hell did I go this long without getting one? And 80 dollars? Hell the thing comes with 2 ink cartridges -- that's worth way over half the price of the printer! Why does she always get so pissy when I spend my own money?

C. After going to Sam's my sister had to go straight to work so she asked me to run by dad's house (where she lives) and put her food in the fridge. Ok, I can do that since she only went to Sam's at my request anyway. So I go to Dad's and he doesn't say a word to me the entire time I'm there. The man hasn't seen me in weeks and he doesn't even care to speak to me. He also never notices when my hair is an odd color. My hair is fucking pink and he doesn't notice. Of course why would he? He didn't notice when it was blue or purple either. Then again what am I to expect -- he doesn't care to speak to me, why would he take the time to look at me?

3. No, I haven't lost any more weight. You think it's disappointing? TRY BEING ME.


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