Diamond Men

I watched Diamond Men today. It was the "UPN Saturday matinee"-- also known as something you stoop to watching because you don't have cable. It's a horrible movie with a perfectly executed twist at the end. In fact the simple fact that the twist was so perfect almost made me forget that the rest of the movie was shit. The entire movie is spent hammering in how sad and boring this guy and his life are and then all the sudden they throw you a huge curve ball. I never saw it coming. I really respect the director for that. There are plenty of movies with a twist at the end, but this director kept you completely in the dark. And then he didn't revel in his accomplished feat -- the movie simply ended as it should have and left you going -- wow.

In other news this is the very definition of a lazy Saturday for me. I spent the entire day telling myself I was going to mow the lawn... in a minute. Yeah, now I decided I'll do it tomorrow or something.


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