Coming up on the music scene (at least the part I care about)

Fall semester looks like it's shaping up to be a great time for new music. I never buy CDs but I already see a few on the horizon that I will be sure to grab up immediatly. Maybe these:

~ Sarah McLachlan Bloom (remix CD)September 6
~ Trapt Someone in ControlSeptember 13
~ Nickelback All the Right ReasonsOctober 4
~ Third Day Wherever You AreNovember 1
~ Velvet Revolver TBARumored for December

Did you like the nicely formatted table there? Uhuh, I am AWESOME like that. Yes, I really am a computer science major. I know that's hard to believe most of the time... try being my beloved tech support.

Ok, so I'm not hugely excited about the Trapt CD, but I wouldn't mind giving it a listen or two. I'm really excited about the Nickelback CD. Of course I got so excited about their last one (The Long Road) and then was really disappointed when it came out. I'll let you know, however, that I have grown to love that CD.

As to the others, I know Izzy has to be excited about those Velvet Revolver rumors. Also about the Sarah McLachlan -- he's the one that called my attention to that one.

Third Day I will be seeing at Big Spring Jam on September 24th. Mom is even going to come up to Huntsville for it! I know she's really excited about it as am I . She is completely hooked on them... thanks to me ;) Obviously, I will be buying their CD the second I have a chance. I've heard some of the song titles and am quite disappointed to conclude that this will probably be a mellow and possibly even _gulp_ worshipy CD. I had hoped that Wire marked them getting back to the great Rock we know they can produce -- But it's looking like after two worship CDs, they might be going into soccer-mom territory.

Obviously, I could be (and hope that I am) wrong. We shall see in November. Don't get me wrong -- CCM has its place (I mean the soccer-moms and uptight bubble-people do deserve some good music) and Third Day makes top notch music no matter the 'category'... but come on -- we all know they could rock out and go mainstream if they wanted! Look at Switchfoot getting played in commercials and on mainstream radio -- Third Day is a MILLION times better than them! Whoever is doing Third Day's marketing totally needs to be fired and I AM NOT the only one who thinks that. You know you think it too (assuming you are a fan). People outside of Christian music haven't even HEARD OF Third Day ...but they've heard of switchfoot, haven't they?

Ehem. Sorry about the little rant there. If you haven't heard of my beloved Third Day then you are seriously missing out. I don't care if you are Christian or not -- good music is good music. Check out their site.

That is all.


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