Are you satisfied now?

So my job hunt continues. I applied at Best Buy since everyone in the free world thinks that's where I should work. And I did a one up -- not only did I apply for the geek squad, I also applied for any cashier or floor positions much as I would hate it.

And you can bet your ass I applied my artistic license to that personality survey. Are you irritable? No. Do you like people? Yes. Are people usually offended by you? No. Do you curse? No. Do you find people to be generally annoying? No. Could you work at a job where you dealt with angry people all day? Yes. Ok seriously, I can answer Yes to that questions because YOU try working at Target as a cashier on opening shift the day after thanksgiving two years in a row. I'm tried, tested, and proven!

Seriously though, it was a 20 page personality test. And lots of the questions were continuously repeated. And you think you're doing good but around page 16 you start to question yourself and your sanity. And we all know good an well my sanity is already questionable at best.

Here's the facts, Mr. Prospective Employer: All you care about is if I can fake not being irritated with your customers. I've got years of customer experience and all my employers have always loved me. I show up for work and customers like me because I'm efficient and great at what I do. That's all you need to know. Whether or not I'm happy more days than I'm sad is between me and my well-paid psychiatrist.

(BTW, I've never failed a personality survey but I do have a friend who was denied a job at Target because they didn't pass the personality survey. Makes you wonder, doesn't it?)


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