Approximating an indefinite integral using a Nth degree Taylor polynomial

Just in case you ever wanted to, I figured I'd include the notes on the polynomial formula for you. Hey, you might have to do a proof on this one day.

I was actually doing homework this evening -- isn't that so out of character for me? But I was. I had a wonderful day today and I didn't even leave the apartment. I just had a good day and I thought I'd follow up my feel-goods by doing some homework so I can feel good tomorrow too. Good plan eh?

I didn't really get to the math courses though... only because I didn't feel like doing the work. But doing the work for 2 out of 4 classes 3 days before they are due is impressive -- especially for me. I was looking over the notes and thought 'hmmmmm I should post some of this bullshit.' So here we go. (Click on the picture for a bigger image). This is one of the 6 pages of notes I took in numerical analysis on Wednesday. Isn't it just so fascinating?

*Keep in mind that this only yields decent results in the area immediately around point a. You want data for some other point -- do it again.


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