Anyone that can help me get Virtual PC for Mac OSX?

Anyone know where I can get a steal on a copy of Virtual PC for Mac OSX? I can get any Windows OS plus all the software I need for all my classes for free through my school, but they only run on Windows. Well... I have a powerbook, not a PC. I don't have a hundred bucks to buy a copy of virtual PC either. Does anyone out there have a school that offers it?

Enough attempted mooching. I went to class today - no freaking out. I met a guy on the elevator who was going to the same class. Then he recognized me from 2 of my other classes. Isn't that a coincidence? Class was boring. They say its a course to weed people out. Bull shit. I know for a fact that this course is easy -- I've helped people with their programs that were in this course.

Anyway, really need that virtual PC if anyone can help me out.


Anonymous Kieth Yann said...

I''m not familiar with this subject but interesed.

8:53 AM  

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