Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

This post is my thoughts after seeing it for the first time -- DON'T READ THEM IF YOU HAVN"T SEEN IT! These are not minor spoilers -- they will ruin the whole thing for you. Even if you're not going to watch it till it comes out on DVD -- DON'T READ ANYMORE. STOP.

I loved this movie -- to read my non-spoiler post of what I thought of it -- go here: http://silverbeetle.blogspot.com/2007/05/pirates-of-caribbean-world-end.html


1. Keith Richards as Sparrows father was a funny touch -- but I didn't like him for the part at all.

2. A lot of people will be disappointed that it ended the way it did without Elizabeth & Will together. I'm totally happy with the way it ended. For one -- this is a pirate movie -- not a romance. And Two -- At least he didn't die. This way we got to see some cold hearted main-character murder. AND we got to see where Jacks true heart lies -- he was totally defeated and stopped in his tracks seeing his friend die. And he gave up what he had been aiming for the entire time to save him.

I really enjoyed some of the insights we had into Jack Sparrow in this one. The way he treated Elizabeth when she learned that her father died. And the way he reacted to Will being stabbed. And again when he saved Elizabeth. And I think Depp acted it perfectly. Depp is a top-notch actor as far as I'm concerned -- he gives great performances and always nails it.

3. The sexual tones -- a little much. The scene with them on the beach -- and it was obvious that they just had sex. Too much. The whole him kissing her thigh -- too much. And I LOVE the fact that she got pregnant! LOL

4. Is it me or was immortal Will way hotter than before he died? I mean he was already fine -- but damn, death really treated him well.

5. Did everyone have to become a captain at the end?

6. As is obvious, I have a big fat crush on Johnny Depp and especially on Jack Sparrow. I would like to get with Jack Sparrow, if you know what I mean. That was... until I read an interview that had the actors and the producers talking about the movie. You know that wound on Sparrows face? It's on his right side at the edge of his beard. It's a wound that apparently won't heal. Do you know what Depp pointed out that that was? Syphilis.

Yep. And while watching this movie -- every time they zoomed in on his face and and I started to get all swoony -- I'd see the spot and go *syphilis* Syphilis just ruins a lot of things -- especially lust.

I'm sure I'll have more to say after I see it again. Which will be soon :)

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